• How to Measuring the Quality of PDCPD Materials? Jun 28, 2024
    Measuring the quality of PDCPD formulation material is actually a matter of how high or low the core ring-opening translocation polymerization conversion rate is in the reaction conversion rate of the product after injection molding, not the ionic polymerization rate or the addition polymerization rate or others!   In terms of molecular structure, what is the proportion of three-dimensional mesh structure? In terms of composite materials, what is the proportion of interpenetrating polymer network structure? From the formula, the performance indicators have not realized a regulation, balance and complementary! There is no perfect formula, just say what you just need?   Some people want a small odor, some people want good toughness, some want a long active shelf life, some want good rigidity, some want good dimensional stability, some want a high pass rate, some want good repeatability, some want small data dispersion, some people want thermal deformation or deformation is small, want to be good demolding, want to have no obvious air bubbles and pinholes, and want to have a high surface finish! What are the scenarios and immediate needs for products?   Each company’s materials have actually their own strengths, depending on whose strengths more, who is more suitable for you . PDCPD materials from China are cost-effective and guaranteed supply !  http:// www.cattelanpdcpd.com

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