• Molding process and application of PDCPD resin products produced from DCPD Nov 22, 2023
    Molding process: DCPD-RIM molding, with dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) as the main material, the use of reaction injection molding (RIM), in a very short period of time to produce a large number of or complex shapes of thermosetting cross-linked polydicyclopentadiene (PDCPD) resin products.   Application: The PDCPD products molded by DCPD-RIM have good overall performance. It is widely used instead of engineering plastics and glass fiber reinforced plastic to manufacture large equipment decorative parts and outer covering parts.   Such as: automobile, vehicle field (bumper, fender, deflector, wing, bottom protection shell, battery cover, etc.) Construction machinery and equipment (exterior coverings, doors, ventilation grills, enclosure panels, hoods, canopies, etc.) Sports, equipment field (medical equipment, vending machines, game machines, motorboats and other shell parts) Chemical anti-corrosion field (chemical pipeline, container, grille, valve, filter plate, high temperature anti-corrosion fan, etc.) Other fields (packaging boxes, tool boxes, pallets, covers, etc.) I hope for you to understand the application aspects of DCPD can play a certain help!

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