• Application of New PDCPD Materials in 5G Radome Dec 29, 2023
    Today we would like to introduce a new material that can be applied to 5G radomes usded in Mt Qomolangma Area,China - Polydicyclopentadiene. Polydicyclopentadiene (PDCPD) is a polymer with a certain degree of cross-linking formed by the ring-opening organometallic-catalyzed polymerization of dicyclopentadiene (DCPD).   The reason that PDCPD can be used as 5G radome material starts from the characteristics of this material, the important characteristics of PDCPD material are: 1. low density, generally pure PDCPD parts density of about 1.03g/cm., suitable for manufacturing lightweight large products; 2. Balanced mechanical properties, both high strength and high toughness, making it particularly suitable for surface trim and structural components; 3. Good low-temperature characteristics, physical changes are not easily affected by temperature, even in low-temperature environments is not brittle, suitable for the manufacture of low-temperature environment for the workpiece; 4. Good resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, especially acid and alkali resistance, suitable for making workpieces with corrosion resistance requirements; 5. No affinity for water, good water resistance; 6. Good dielectric properties, low dielectric, low loss; 7 . Environmental friendliness, PDCPD can be used as fuel after recycling, no toxic and harmful gases are produced during combustion, and it can also be used as filler, which is a very good environment-friendly material.   PDCPD with its excellent mechanical properties, temperature and weather resistance, good dielectric properties, light weight, easy to mold, and environmental protection and pollution-free characteristics, to meet the application requirements of the 5G radome, the future in the field of radomes should have a broad space for development.

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