• Airdrop Box Made of PDCPD Material Used in Aerospace Jan 06, 2024
    Polydicyclopentadiene (PDCPD) is a thermosetting polymer that has been used in various industries, including aerospace, for the manufacturing of certain components, including airdrop boxes. PDCPD resin is known for its high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent impact resistance, and dimensional stability. These properties make it suitable for applications where lightweight yet durable materials are required. In the context of aerospace, airdrop boxes made of PDCPD raw material can be used for transporting supplies, equipment, or other items by air. They are designed to withstand the stresses and forces associated with airdrop operations, including impact forces upon landing. The use of PDCPD in airdrop boxes helps ensure that the contents are protected during the airdrop process.     PDCPD has several advantages in aerospace applications. It has good chemical resistance, which allows it to withstand exposure to various fluids and environmental conditions commonly encountered in aerospace operations. Additionally, PDCPD can be molded into complex shapes, allowing for customization and optimization of the airdrop box design to meet specific requirements.
  • Application of New PDCPD Materials in 5G Radome Dec 29, 2023
    Today we would like to introduce a new material that can be applied to 5G radomes usded in Mt Qomolangma Area,China - Polydicyclopentadiene. Polydicyclopentadiene (PDCPD) is a polymer with a certain degree of cross-linking formed by the ring-opening organometallic-catalyzed polymerization of dicyclopentadiene (DCPD).   The reason that PDCPD can be used as 5G radome material starts from the characteristics of this material, the important characteristics of PDCPD material are: 1. low density, generally pure PDCPD parts density of about 1.03g/cm., suitable for manufacturing lightweight large products; 2. Balanced mechanical properties, both high strength and high toughness, making it particularly suitable for surface trim and structural components; 3. Good low-temperature characteristics, physical changes are not easily affected by temperature, even in low-temperature environments is not brittle, suitable for the manufacture of low-temperature environment for the workpiece; 4. Good resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, especially acid and alkali resistance, suitable for making workpieces with corrosion resistance requirements; 5. No affinity for water, good water resistance; 6. Good dielectric properties, low dielectric, low loss; 7 . Environmental friendliness, PDCPD can be used as fuel after recycling, no toxic and harmful gases are produced during combustion, and it can also be used as filler, which is a very good environment-friendly material.   PDCPD with its excellent mechanical properties, temperature and weather resistance, good dielectric properties, light weight, easy to mold, and environmental protection and pollution-free characteristics, to meet the application requirements of the 5G radome, the future in the field of radomes should have a broad space for development.
  • Several Dialectics of PDCPD Material Application Jan 29, 2024
    Impact resistance and stiffness:         PDCPD belongs to the ductile structural material which is mainly elastic deformation. It has a low E-value (high in engineering plastics), and the use of additives to increase the E-value of the material increases the stiffness, and the impact performance will be greatly reduced. Structural design to improve the I value (moment of inertia) or and other materials composite method to increase the stiffness.   Flame retardant performance and environmental protection:        PDCPD material itself does not contain internationally banned substances; catalyst with catalytic polymerisation and high-temperature catalytic carbonation flame retardant dual function; high flame retardancy means that it can not be recycled and can only be landfilled; PDCPD has the best environmental protection recycling methods;   Dimensional accuracy and mould costs:         Products with high dimensional requirements are generally moulded in pairs; DCPD-RIM moulds are the most convenient moulds for pairs moulding; the cost of moulds for a single product is also the lowest according to the maximum usage of moulds (including hand-laid FRP) Price and use of cost-effective:          PDCPD has unparalleled advantages over other materials in terms of impact resistance, dynamic loads, and the presence of temperature-variable stresses, with a long service life and a very high price/performance ratio.

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