PDCPD New Material Exhibited at the 2nd China (Anhui) Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Transformation Trade Conference

Nov 22, 2023
At the Second China (Anhui) Scientific and Technological Innovation Achievements Transformation and Trade Conference, PDCPD new materials attracted widespread attention. This material was demonstrated at the conference with its excellent performance and wide range of applications, and became one of the highlights of innovation and scientific and technological achievements.
PDCPD is a new thermoset polymer material known for its excellent chemical resistance, high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. This material has a wide range of applications in several fields, including the automotive industry, electrical equipment, construction and other manufacturing industries.
At this conference, the PDCPD new materials booth attracted the attention of many participants. Various innovative products and application cases based on PDCPD were displayed at the booth, demonstrating the diversified applications of this material in different industries. Professionals representing the team introduced the characteristics of PDCPD to visitors, emphasizing its advantages in design flexibility, lightweight and environmental  protection.
One participant said: "The display of PDCPD new materials gives people a sense of vitality and innovation brought by new materials. Its broad application prospects and plasticity make us very excited about future technological development." During the exchange with participants, the PDCPD new materials delegation also conducted in-depth cooperation negotiations with a number of companies and research institutions. This marks the further promotion of this material in the market and the expansion of its application prospects.
As part of a scientific and technological innovation event, the Second China (Anhui) Scientific and Technological Innovation Achievements Transformation and Trading Conference provides aprominent display platform for PDCPD new materials and promotes the development of this material in the fields of scientific and technological innovation and industrial transformation.

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