PDCPD new material for automobiles, I heard it's very sought after these days?

Nov 24, 2023

Polydicyclopentadiene PDCPD, a new material for automotive, I heard is very sought after these days? Such a turbulent dicyclopentadiene market, you have not paid attention? Cyclopentadiene, according to the content level is divided into fine bicyclic with more than 95% content and crude bicyclic with about 80-85% content. Crude Dicyclopentadiene is widely used in the production of modified UPR resins and DCPD petroleum resins.

What is "Dicyclopentadiene"? Don't ask me why I guessed it: in fact, you don't quite understand what this "dicyclopentadiene" is?

After reading the above industry trends, you guys have questions in your mind, don't you?

Look, its structure is shown in the figure below:


"Dicyclopentadiene" (DCPD for short), also known as dimerized cyclopentadiene, is a dimer of cyclopentadiene produced by the Diels-Alder reaction, with two isomers, endo- and exo-.

Dicyclopentadiene is mainly used in the production of unsaturated polyesters, dicyclopentadiene resins, hydrogenated dicyclopentadiene resins, RIM reaction injection molding, adamantine, tetrahydrodicyclopentadiene (high-energy fuels), linseed oil modification, cyclopentene, cyclopentanol, cyclopentanone, flame retardant, fragrances and so on.

"Dicyclopentadiene" luxury upgrade: I call "Polydicyclopentadiene PDCPD".

One of the important applications of "Dicyclopentadiene" is the synthesis of polydicyclopentadiene PDCPD, which is essentially a homopolymer or copolymer of dicyclopentadiene (DCPD).

Polydicyclopentadiene is a three-dimensional network of crosslinked structure, is an "environmentally friendly", and very new engineering plastics. the early 80's, this excellent performance of thermoset engineering plastics for the first time by scientists to successfully prepare, and then, the world's different regions of the people have developed dozens of different properties of the product.

Various kinds of parts can be made by reaction injection molding. Used as automobile parts, such as bumpers, buffer plates, instrument panels, fenders, etc., also used as sporting goods shells, chemical-resistant containers.


After entering the new century, the rapid development of the automotive industry, making people more and more concerned about how polydicyclopentadiene PDCPD is used in vehicles?

Existing data show that PDCPD can be used in vehicle shells and other components instead of metal or glass fiber reinforced plastic, the advantages are: light weight, transit, assembly more labor-saving, and can reduce the labor intensity of workers on the production line, reduce vehicle fuel consumption and improve the vehicle load; investment is small, the production cycle is short, quick results; the vehicle shell can be realized in the appearance of the free design, so that it is more diversified, individualized; shell The shell can be designed freely, making it more diversified and personalized; the surface roughness can reach class A without any treatment before painting; the coloring, plating and anti-aging properties are excellent.


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