PDCPD Products Test Video

Nov 22, 2023

PDCPD material is light (specific gravity close to water), free design, not only has a high modulus of elasticity, but also has a very high impact resistance, high creep resistance, thermal stability and outstanding corrosion resistance, weather resistance and paint-ability, is more suitable for the manufacture of construction machinery, agricultural machinery, trucks, automotive coverings, as well as sanitary equipment, purification tanks as a representative of the integration of large-scale molding products. It is the ideal material to replace glass fiber reinforced plastic, some plastics, metal sheet metal parts, carbon fiber and alloy in the future, and is also the ideal choice for the light-weighting of equipment for new energy vehicles, wind power generation, unmanned aerial vehicles, tunnel templates, robots and many other emerging industries, with a wide range of applications, widely used in automotive manufacturing, construction templates, agricultural machinery, military, civil, medical, scientific research, national defense and other fields, with great market potential and The market potential and development space is huge.

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