High Property Poly DCPD RIM Resin A and B Liquid New Material for RIM Process

PDCPD new material is a amazing new material, the features of lightweight, high strength, rigid and flexible, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance and insulation are very outstanding.

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    Poly DCPD-RIM resin B Liquid
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    2 barrels
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    50% deposit with the balance before shipping
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    Bengbu, Anhui, China
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    within one week
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Product Description

Polydicyclopentadiene) (PDCPD) is a new type of material in the field of polymer materials, PDCPD material has both high impact strength and high flexural modulus, at the same time, this kind of characteristics of engineering plastics is not available before, now more and more material engineers began to recognize, pay attention to, and use this new type of material..

Outstanding Feathers of PDCPD Material

Wide Usages of PDCPD Products

PDCPD (Polydicyclopentadiene ) does not contain any fiber-reinforced composite material, and the production process is gas-protected injection molding. It has been used in automotive parts, such as bumpers, spoilers, instrument panels, fenders, etc. It can also be used in shells with high strength requirements, such as battery pack shells.


The Properties References of PDCPD vs Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber Composite,Mild Steel and Aluminum Alloy

Property PDCPD Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber Composite Mild steel, Aluminum Alloy
Elongation at break
Material Properties Ductile materials Brittle material Ductile materials
Deformation of a stressed principal Elastic deformation Microcrack → fracture Plastic Deformation
Homogeneity Isotropic Anisotropic Isotropic
Physical Stability Low performance dispersion Large performance dispersion Low performance dispersion
Stress analysis Easy Difficult Easy
Temperature-dependent stress Good Poor Good
Static load condition Suitable Suitable Suitable
Dynamic load condition Suitable Not suitable Suitable
Shock load Suitable Not suitable Suitable



PDCPD materials and metal materials are isotropic ductile materials, which can be used for equal strength, equal stiffness structure design and strength conversion.

PDCPD materials have a high degree of freedom in design, and the overall stiffness of components can be further improved through shape design, and the use of PDCPD materials instead of mild steel can reduce weight by about 40%;

By optimizing the structural design, PDCPD material can be replaced with aluminum alloy material to achieve equal weight, with higher impact deformation resistance than aluminum alloy, and better structural and process implementation characteristics.



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