PDCPD RIM Raw Material Used For High Property Products

DCPD-RIM resin, commonly known as "PDCPD injection molding paste", is generally composed of A and B two-component, referred to as A,B material or formulation material. All the added substances have been strictly screened to meet the requirements of the international "Banned Substances Program", and do not contain any substances in the RoHS standard and REACH SVHC list.


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    New Formulas PDCPD-RIM resin
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    2 barrels
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    50% deposit by T/T before mass production with the balance before shipping
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    Bengbu, Anhui, China
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    tranparent and black
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    within one week
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Product Description

PDCPD is a two-component polymerization of Liquid A and Liquid B, which are the main raw materials of DPCD, and the DCPD monomer is distilled from the petroleum cracking by-products, C5/C9. The PDCPD products have high impact strength and high flexural modulus, and the products have low density, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and are free of fiberglass, which makes it a new type of environmentally friendly material.

Since the raw material DCPD has a very low viscosity (1.1 centipoise) before polymerization, it has very good fluidity and the pressure injected into the mold is very low, which makes it especially suitable for making large and complex products. Through the RIM molding process, the general cycle time for individual molding is around 5-8 minutes, thus making the production of complex products with molding simpler, and it is an excellent new environmentally friendly engineering material.


A Wide Range Of PDCPD Application

PDCPD is most suitable for the manufacture of construction machinery, agricultural machinery, trucks, automobile coverings, integrated large-scale molding products represented by sanitary equipment, and purification tanks. It is the ideal material to replace glass fiber reinforced plastic, some plastics, metal sheet metal parts, carbon fiber, and alloy in the future, and it is also the high-quality choice for lightweight equipment in many new industries such as new energy automobile, wind power generation, unmanned aerial vehicle, tunnel template, robot and so on, and the application field is extremely broad, and it can be widely used in the fields of automobile manufacturing, construction engineering template, agricultural machinery, military, civil, medical, scientific research and national defense, and it has great market potential and development space. development space is huge.

PDCPD is currently a uniquely attractive material for lightweight automotive bodies.Replacing part of the metal, plastic and FRP, it has excellent cost-effective use.



PDCPD Products Properties Reference



Testing Method



Testing Method

Tensile strength


GB/T 1040.2-2006

Rockwell hardness



Tensile modulus


GB/T 1040.2-2006

Distortion temperature



Elongation at break


GB/T 1040.2-2006




Compressive strength


GB/T 1041-2008

Glass transition temperature



Bending strength



Burning horizontally



Bending modulus of elasticity



Water Absorption



Notched impact strength 

of cantilever beam (23℃)



Automotive interior combustion 

Performance (burning rate)


GB 8410-2006

Notched impact strength of

 cantilever beam (-40℃)



Rockwell hardness




Ten Advantages of PDCPD Products Performance

 1.  Wide molding range: two-component, low-viscosity liquid resin injection molding, shape, runner, and pressure restrictions are small, can produce large, complex shapes, the wall thickness of the workpiece.


 2.Less Equipment Investment: simple molding process, low pressure and temperature requirements, less investment in molding equipment, low mold costs, long service life of the mold, small amortization costs


 3. Good balance of physical properties: excellent and balanced physical properties, especially the combination of high impact resistance and high rigidity, can get lightweight, high strength, rugged, and durable parts.


 4. Temperature and corrosion resistance: outstanding resistance to temperature change, high temperature does not creep, low temperature does not cause brittle crack, can be used in -40 ~ 100 ℃ environment for a long time: excellent corrosion resistance, especially acid resistance, alkali resistance is outstanding.


 5. High product precision: the product deformation is small, the size error is small, and the consistency of the workpiece is high; in general, the control of the size error of the workpiece can reach the GB/T1804-m level.


 6. Excellent decorative properties: the surface of the molded parts is easy to form a dense oxide film with good adhesion to paint. It can also be plated, water transfer printing, and other surface decorative treatments.


 7. Good designability: high degree of design freedom, can be pre-embedded, riveted, glued, self-tapping, and drilling, can be unequal thickness structure, sandwich structure, composite structure, etc.


 8. High molding efficiency: short mold development cycle. Less production labor, high molding efficiency, product molding cycle is generally 3 ~ 5 min. can be configured with robot to achieve automated demolding, trimming, and so on.


 9. Good Safety and environmental protection: no fiber and dust, no poison and pollution, less edge residue, recyclable and harmless reuse, reuse more ways, high added value.


 10. Wide range of applications, design freedom, applied in various automobiles, engineering equipment, medical equipment, chemical equipment, entertainment facilities, military, civilian, and other fields. Excellent performance, PDCPD material process, green, lightweight, high strength, green, fast and economical industrial closure.


Packing and Delivery

Packing:Metal Barrel, Net Weight:195kg/barrel; Gross Weight:220kgs/barrel


Outstanding Features of PDCPD MATERIAL


PDCPD materials and metal materials are isotropic ductile materials, can be equal strength, equal stiffness structural design and strength conversion.PDCPD material design freedom is high, can be further enhanced through the shape design of the overall stiffness of the component, the use of PDCPD materials instead of mild steel can be reduced by about 40%; through the optimization of structural design, PDCPD materials and aluminum alloy materials to achieve equal weight substitution, has a higher resistance to impact deformation than aluminum alloy.

By optimizing the structural design, PDCPD material can be replaced with aluminum alloy to achieve equal weight, with higher impact deformation resistance than aluminum alloy, and better structure and process. It has higher impact deformation resistance than aluminum alloy and better structural and process implementation characteristics.


Safe Flame Retarant

PDCPD material has reached UL94-HB grade. The central flame-retardant mechanism is: that the catalyst promotes the surface carbonization and air insulation flame retardant. Its unique flame retardant safety performance:

During passive combustion, the release of harmful fumes is low, comparable to the release of non-flame retardant general-purpose polypropylene plastics. Compared with traditional flame retardant materials, it dramatically reduces the risk of injury to people at the scene of a fire (the proportion of deaths caused by toxic fumes in a fire is high).

There are no heavy metals or toxic substances left in the combustion process, which will not cause pollution to the environment. It belongs to thermosetting material, does not produce melting drops, flame retardant anti-melting drops.


Green and Sustainable

Complies with occupational health requirements. The material meets the requirements of the international "Banned Substances Program" and does not contain any of the substances listed in the RoHS and REACH SVHC lists. Burning does not produce toxic or hazardous substances.。

It is a model material for energy saving and emission reduction. All the production process of this material has low energy consumption and low emission. The total energy consumption of the whole production process is <5000kcal/kg, which is about 1/2 of the energy consumption of polypropylene production. 

It’s completely harmless and can be recycled。

① Its low-temperature anaerobic cracking can generate light fuel oil and carbon black, and it is efficient and convenient for a wide range of applications.;

② Its low-temperature anaerobic catalytic cracking generates C4 alkane fuel gas and carbon black;

③ it can be recycled and crushed as pavement asphalt as well as thermo-compression plastic modified reinforcing filler;

④ also, as a high-energy fuel, it can be supplied for garbage power plants, combustion calorific value = 1.5 times the standard coal. 


Aging Resistance (PDCPD PRODUCTS)

UV light promotes the formation of a dense oxide layer on the surface of PDCPD, which is favorable for paint application, and has little effect on tensile and flexural strengths.

It has almost no effect on tensile and flexural strength, but has a greater effect on impact performance, especially for thin-walled products. It is recommended that PDCPD are handled with paint and to increase the wall thickness of the parts that cannot be painted.


Corrosion resistance

PDCPD has excellent corrosion resistance, especially acid and alkali resistance.

Acid and alkali resistance exceeds all resin based FRP composites


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